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Sun-Damaged Skin

Sun-Damaged Skin

Your Routine

Everyone is at risk of the effects of sun exposure. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what color your skin is. Your risk increases based on the length and depth of exposure. Too much sun exposure allows UV rays to reach your inner skin layers. This can cause skin cells to die, damage, or develop cancer. Signs of sunburn include:

– Redness. Your skin will turn red due to an increase in blood flow.

-Hot skin. You also can get goose bumps or chills.


-Itchy or tight skin.



-Peeling. This is your body’s way of shedding the dead cells.

Your Routine:​


Use Infinity Care SPF 50+, Infinity Care SPf 50+ (Tinted) and Sunbrella SPF 50+   (for body) just before sun exposure.


Re-apply frequently and generously every two hours to maintain maximum protection.


Apply the ultimate soothing , calming , nourishing , and moisturizing program just after sun exposure which consists of Sunbrella After Sun Cream, Infinity Soothing Cream, or Infinity Soothing Gel.


1.Use sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful sun rays.

2.Wear external sun protectors such as protective clothes that cover all your body, sunglasses and hats.

3.Drink plenty of water while getting sun exposure to hydrate your skin.

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