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Hair Loss & Thinning

Hair Loss & Thinning

Your Routine

Hair loss is an issue that affects your scalp and make you lose hair. It can be the result of anemia, hormonal changes, medical conditions or medications, stress and depression, genetic factor and the extensive usage of electric curling irons & straighteners.

Your Routine:​

Step 1 – Cleanse

Cleanse your hair using top hair shampoo. Apply on wet hair and scalp, massage gently, leave for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Step 2 – Treat

To make your hair look fuller and thicker apply Top Hair ampoule or Treato ampules day after day in alternation with TOP hair lotion on scalp and massage gently, use for minimum 3 months, do not rinse.

And take Biovita two gummies per day , Alover once per day to compensate any vitamins loss for 3 months minimum.

Step 3 – Care

After using top hair shampoo use top hair conditioner for ultimate hair nourishment. Don’t use on Scalp apply it on wet hair, massage gently, leave for 2-3 minutes, and rinse thoroughly.


1.Stay away from stress and tension.

2.Have a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

3.Don’t brush your wet hair and avoid applying tight hairstyles, such as French braids, buns or ponytails.

4.Be gentle when washing or brushing your hair.

5.Use a wide-tooth wooden comb, it helps to increase the blood flow to the scalp and that help preventing hair loss.

6.Set your dryer to a low heat setting, and avoid using straighteners.

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