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Skin Around The Eyes

Skin Around The Eyes

Your Routine

 Eyelid is an important part of your body that shows up the earliest signs of getting older and fatigue, especially without a proper care.

The first problem you might face is Dark Circles; that could appear because of anemia, poor nutrition,  genetic factor, stress & depression, smoking and deep eye socket.

 Puffiness that occur due to several reasons such as; overproducing of fats under eyes, overconsumption of salt; which causes fluid retention, stress, crying, fatigue, lack of sleep and aging. Eye wrinkles that could be triggered due to subconscious expressive eyes movements, aging and sun exposure.


1.You should always don sunglasses during the daylight hours, as they protect your eyes against the sun’s UV rays.

2.Quitting smoking can improve your skin appearance almost immediately.

3.Drink around eight glasses of water a day – that’s 2-3 litres.

4.Following a balanced diet is an important part of maintaining healthy clear skin.

5.Try to  manage & avoid fatigue and long-term stress.

6.Get enough sleep; adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

7.Refresh your blood circulation and exercise more.

8.Apply a cold compress on your eyes so the blood vessels can constrict.

Your Routine:​


Apply Infinity Eye Contour Serum twice daily – morning and evening, by gently patting around eye area using finger tips to get rid of puffy eyes, dark circles & wrinkles.

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