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Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

Your Routine

It’s a type of skins that reacts abnormally when it faces internal triggers such as some illnesses and external triggers such as dust, heat, cosmetic products, dyes, fragrances, chemical, laser and even cold; the thing that makes it more prone to irritation and inflammation. This results in a red, dry, itchy and cracked spots on skin.

Your Routine:


Cleanse morning and/or evening using Infinity Facial Wash as daily face cleanser by wetting face with water and apply small amount of gel cleanser. Massage the skin gently and rinse thoroughly with water.


Apply Infinity Soothing Cream on clean skin at morning and/or evening after cleansing the skin with Infinity Facial Wash Cleanser.


Apply Infinity Soothing Gel at morning and then Infinity Care SPF 50+  just before Sun exposure. Re-apply Infinity Care SPF 50+ frequently and generously to maintain protection.


1.Reduce your usage of perfumes and makeup.

2.Use proper gentle cleansers that are fragrance.

3.Use proper moisturizing that fits your kind of skin after using hair removal or shaving.

4.Take care of your skin after being exposed to tough environmental factors such as winds, cold, heat and dust.

5.Break up with stress.

Keep monitoring your hormonal changes to avoid the bad effect of it on skin.

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