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Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated Skin

Your Routine

Is a condition that has lack in water portion in the top layer of our skin. It could affect anyone’s face or body at any time as the result of extended sun exposure, aging, environmental weather conditions and the wrong usage of skincare treatments. The main problems that might face people with dehydrated skin are; having a tight, sensitive and rough skin, showing wrinkles and fine lines.


1.Always wear sunscreen.

2.Drink enough amount of water daily.

3.Use moisturizers that fit your type of skin to keep it moist.

4.Avoid caffeine, alcohol & smoking; they are three of the worst offenders for dehydrated skin.

5.Skip harsh face scrubs and products that might contain alcohol.

Your Routine:


Apply Infinity Moisturizing Cream every day on your clean skin.

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