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Cracked Nails

Cracked Nails

Your Routine

Our nails are made of layers of  protein called keratin, keratin protects fingers and toes nails from damage. It also makes up the cells in our skin and hair. However, any caused damages could be as a result of some external factors such as aging, frequent usage of nail polish, polish removal, frequent exposure to water and fungal infection.

Your Routine:​ 

Step 1: Treat

Take two per day of Biovita gummies, or one a day of Alover vitamin D3 with natural chocolate flavor, for a minimum of 3 months to help strengthen your nails, growing longer and stronger.

Step 2: Care

Apply Infinity moisturizing cream twice daily on a clean nails to nourish, hydrates, and prevents nail from cracking.


1.Keep nails dry and clean. This helps protect them from fungi and bacteria.

2.Moisturize the cuticle area to prevent cracking and peeling.

3.Use nail polish remover that doesn’t include acetone.

4.Avoid using hot water for long period of time, like water in shower or while washing dishes.

5.Wear gloves when you are washing dishes or using household chemicals to clean. Putting gloves on can protect both the hands and the nails from the wear and tear that these common activities cause.

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