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Dr. Shady Mahmoud, MD

Dr. Shady Mahmoud, MD

Professor of Dermatology Faculty of Medicine Al Azhar university

“Doctor, I had a gastric sleeve surgery and my hair is falling out. What are the solutions to stop the loss?”

A problem that most girls face after gastric sleeve and gastric balloon operations is hair loss, and this is due to the body’s inability to absorb some vitamins, which forces them to search for products that compensate for this deficiency.

Of course, one of the vitamins that they cannot benefit from the most is vitamin B, which is found in biotin, which is very important for the health of hair and nails, as well as vitamins E, C, D, and zinc as antioxidants for the health of nails,skin and hair.

She also added that in this case, you should take an easy-to-absorb nutritional supplement, such as “Biovita gummies” from Infinity, because they provide all the vitamins that the body needs and are easy to digest, and tastes delicious.

The routine must be followed for 3 months to ensure recognizable results, and it is advisable to stop the routine gradually.
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