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Dr. Nermeen Bedair

Dr. Nermeen Bedair

Associate Professor of Dermatology

“Doctor, do I need to know what we can use on our skin to reduce wrinkles over the age of 30?”

One of the best active ingredients that I personally recommend for people over 30 is Retinol, because it increases collagen secretion and to ensure a noticeable result, it must be used for long periods, starting from two to six months, and it is preferable to use it as a permanent routine.

She also added, "The choice between retinol serum and retinol cream depends on the type of skin. If it is oily, it is preferable to use the serum, and if it is dry, it is preferable to use the cream. As for the area surrounding the eye, a cream designated for it must be used to avoid any inflammation or redness in the eye."

How to use retinol once a day at night, and sunscreen should be applied before exposure to the sun during the day.

Dr. Nermin advised using the complete retinol routine from Infinity, and in order to ensure a complete healthy routine, you must use a nutritional supplement that contains vitamin D because it is very useful for treating wrinkles, such as “Valudal” in the form of “Gummies” that taste delicious and are easy to digest.

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