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Dr. Marwa Dahab

Dr. Marwa Dahab

Instructor of dermatology & cosmetology at the NCR MA in dermatology, ASU, DH,D in lazer Cairo university

“My skin is very oxidized and my color is getting darker even if I do not expose to the sun. What is the better solution for my case?”

If your skin oxidizes or its color changes when you are exposed to the sun, the real problem is not in the skin itself. The main problem is in the surrounding environment or air pollution. The best solution to protect your skin from oxidation is to use a routine suitable for your skin and it should contain Vitamin C and Niacinamide, which are found in the vitamin C serum From Infinity, which contains 15% of vitamin C and also Niacinamide, which will maintain the uniformity of your skin tone and prevent skin oxidation.

She also added that your routine will be complete with your use of a nutritional supplement that contains vitamins such as vitamin A, C, and E because they are antioxidants that can treat pigmentation.

You will find all of these vitamins in one nutritional supplement from “Infinity Supplements”, which is “Biovita”.
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