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Dr. Dina Khalil

Dr. Dina Khalil

Consultant of dermatology & Aesthetic medicine

"I have an issue with my hair always being dry and frizzy, even after brushing it.
What should i do with this?"

The problem of dry & frizzy hair is actually one of the common problems among girls especially during and after summer because at this time of the year we get exposed  to the harmful sunrays and Hight temperature more and the chlorine exist in swimming pools- the suitable solutions for this case for this issue is that your daily skin routine must contain PROCAPIL™ and Apple Stem Cells.

Both ingredients exist in "Treato Ampoules" from Infinity Spanish labs that works on hair dryness and moisturizes it from roots to ends.

She also added that hair treatment requires internal and external care, so you must also take a multi-vitamin that contains "Biotin", such as “Infitin” healthy supplements from “Infinity Supplements,” which are “gummies” that taste delicious, easy to digest and swallow, and are light on the stomach.

In order to achieve the best result, you must follow the routine for 3 months, and when you decide to stop it, it is better to do gradually.

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