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By Dr. Nora Maged

By Dr. Nora Maged

American Board clinical nutrition certified cosmetologist
On “Biovita multivitamin gummies”

“What are the main Vitamins components that our body need for overall health?”

- Vitamin b- Biotin that stimulates hair growth, reduces hair loss and breakage
- A, C, E antioxidant that maintain skin health, reduce wrinkles and keep it looking youthful.
- Folic acid that enhances body’s immunity.
- Vitamin D that helps in burning process.
- Zinc that helps in hair regrowth and boosts immunity.

She also added that “taking a multivitamin course duration should be 3 months and renewed as per a doctor instruction.”

Isn’t it iconic to have a one delicious gummy multivitamin that gather all of these components in one bottle and also easy on your stomach to digest.
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