Infinity Facial Cleanser 200ml

130.00 EGP

Face Wash & facial cleanser 200ml from infinity acts as a rich multi-functional cleanser with a special formula packed with natural active ingredients, micro-exfoliating spheres and anti-inflammatory agents, our Infinity facial wash removes dead cells, purifies, softens and moisturizes skin for a fresh, detoxified and glowing look.

Product indications

  • Perfect for inflamed and abraded skin followed by any dermatological procedure.
  • Suitable for all types of intolerant and/or sensitive skin.
  • Can be used in all body areas including the sensitive areas.

Product features

Detoxium™- Aloe Vera Extract – Olive Oil – Niacinamide – Panthenol – Rosemary – Citric Acid – Vitamin E – Raspberry – Glycerin

Instructions for use

Apply a suitable amount to damp skin at morning and night, massage gently, and rinse with water.

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