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6 Causes of Dry Hair and How to Treat Them

6 Causes of Dry Hair and How to Treat Them

Do you suffer from Dry Hair?

Causes Dry hair is various, including lack of moisture, overuse of styling products, or too much exposure to the chemicals. Here we will discuss some of them and recommend the right products for your dry and damaged hair.

Causes of Dry Hair and How It Develops

Causes of Dry Hair

1. Excessive Use of Heat Styling tools

Applying too much heat when styling is a big culprit in dry, dull-looking hair, whether you enjoy blowouts or can’t leave the house without your curling iron. Avoid using heat on your hair daily, as this might deplete the hair’s natural moisture.

Causes of Dry Hair

2. Over-washing of the hair

It’s crucial to keep your hair clean, but washing it too often might deplete it of its natural oils, so limit how often you wash it. Because curly hair is more prone to dryness, washing it once or twice a week is sufficient for individuals with curls. To maintain hair looking and feeling hydrated, use a light deep conditioner. After you’ve washed your hair, pat it dry rather than rubbing it. This aids in the prevention of further moisture loss.

Thin and fine hair types tend to get greasy quickly and should be cleaned more frequently – perhaps three times a week, while colored, coarse, textured, or Afro hair tends to be drier and can go longer between washes, perhaps once a week.

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Causes of Dry Hair

3. Environmental Factors

Excessive sun exposure, excessive heat, cold winds, and low humidity can all harm your hair. Wearing a cap over your hair on a beach day or avoiding lengthy exposure to the elements can help prevent hair damage. If you swim in chlorine pools, wear a swim cap to protect your hair. To assist prevent your strands from soaking up all that chlorinated water, you should also rinse your hair before diving into the pool.

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Causes of Dry Hair

4. Your Pillows Are Creating Friction

Cotton is extremely absorbent, so those fibers essentially rob your hair of all the moisture you’ve worked so hard to hold in. As a result, your hair may be dry and frizzy when you wake up. As a treatment for dry natural hair, update your nighttime routine by replacing your cotton pillowcase with a satin or silk one. Wear a satin or silk hat or headscarf if you don’t want to change your bedding. This will aid in the retention of moisture and the reduction of friction in your hair. As a result, make sure you’re wearing a protective bonnet/scarf or pillowcase while sleeping.

Chemical styling and hair coloring

5. Chemical styling and hair coloring

Your hair is put under a lot of stress when it’s processed or chemically styled. Styling with chemicals is one of the most common causes of dry and damaged hair. If you color your hair frequently or have it chemically straightened, permed, or curled, you may notice that your hair becomes dryer, stiffer, and dull. It’s no surprise that experts and stylists advise spacing out these consultations, but dry hair can persist even after your chemical treatment has been completed. While there are plenty of natural and less harsh alternatives to these typical treatments, such as natural hair color, restricting them is the best approach to avoid dry hair and further damage to your natural hair.

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Genetics - Causes of dry hair

6. Genetics

Dry hair is sometimes simply in our genes.  If your parents or relatives suffer from dry hair or scalp, chances are you are as well. The easiest technique to treat genetically inherited dry hair is to use the best products and practices to maintain it healthy and hydrated. Continue reading; we’ve got you covered.

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