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Dr. Mai Samir

Dr. Mai Samir

Consultant of dermatology & cosmetology

“Doctor, my skin is oily and I have large pores in the cheeks and nose area, and it become more visible especially with makeup - I need a solution to reduce its appearance, what should i do?”

large pores is a problem that any girl or woman faces, and they are found most of the time in the area of ​​the nose and cheeks. They appear more with makeup and also the skin appears oily and is more susceptible to the appearance of pimples under the skin. We can solve the problem of large pores by using a skin care product that contains retinol, glycolic acid, or niacinamide. If we find a product that contains these 3 ingredients, we can use it at least once a day at night, and we must continue the routine for at least 3 months to ensure successful results.

Among the results that you will notice after using it is controlling the secretion of fats in the skin, stimulating the secretion of collagen in the skin, and reducing or shrinking large pores.

She also added that we should use sunscreen, especially in the morning, to avoid the appearance of any pigmentation or any inflammation that may occur in our skin while we are regular on our retinol routine.

Dr. Mai suggested that the Egyptian product “Retinol B3 serum” from Infinity is the most suitable for treating large pores, pigmentation, and pimples under the skin.
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