Fevitro Lactoferrin, Vitamin C, Folic acid & Zinc

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Fevitro Lactoferrin Vitamin C, Folic acid & Zinc chocolate pieces enhance your immunity while keeping your hair healthy. Enhances your immune system by delivering high doses of Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Lactoferrin, as well as Zinc. The presence of Lactoferrin “250 mg” is considered first-line defense protection against Microbial Infections. Also, Vitamin C “500mg” and Zinc “50mg” are recommended by WHO.

Product Indications

  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Accelerates Wound Healing
  • Treats Anemia which causes hair loss and also dark circles.
  • Regrows the hair faster.
  • Lactoferrin fights against microbial infections.
  • Vitamin C & Zinc provide nutrients for healthy hair.
  • Made with premium natural ingredients.
  • Zinc reduces levels of inflammatory proteins in your body.

Product features

Lactoferrin – vitamin C – Zinc – Folic acid – Vitamin B12 – Vitamin B6- Protein – Full cream milk

Instructions for use

  • 1 chocolate piece per day after eating a meal. (adults)
  • 1 chocolate piece per day after eating a meal. (children from age 8 years old)
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9 reviews for Fevitro Lactoferrin, Vitamin C, Folic acid & Zinc

  1. Mahmoud alaa

    Didn’t try

    • Youmna

      Fevitro very helpful this days to protect against viruses and enhance ur immunity
      rich in vitamin C , Zinc and lactoferrin
      for u and ur family starting from 8 years

  2. Marihan

    What about a 2.5 yrs old kid ? Can use it?

    • Youmna

      fevitro can be used from the age of 8

  3. Nourhane Bakir

    It’s not a review it is a question does it contains B12 and what are the ingredients i mean all the vitamins and if i will order it now when i will be able to receive it

  4. Diva

    Can i take 1 of Fevitro daily with 1 of Calcima & 1 of Alover?
    Or what is the safe dosage of them should i take if i need to take more than 1 vitamin ?

  5. Diva

    Can i use fevitro & alover & calcima at the same day?

  6. Diva

    Should i take fevitro, calcima & alover in one day?

  7. noha elsayed

    can diabetic patient use it safely?

    • sara maher

      Yes, it is suitable for diabetic patients.

  8. Eman Seif

    Very good

  9. Samar (verified owner)

    Is it gluten free?

    • sara maher

      Yes, it’s gluten free.

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