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Evyte Vitamin D3 & Calcium vitamins chocolate balls for kids enriched with Calcium, Vitamin D3 helps the body use calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones and teeth. It also helps the body use and stores iron, and it helps regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, and cell growth. Evyte vitamins for kids enhance kids’ immunity due to its rich active ingredients such as Zinc & Vitamin C. It also fights against infections and recurrence.

Product Indications

  • Calcium supplement
  • Post-infection and Convalescence period
  • Immune enhancer
  • Debility
  • Child malnutrition

Product features

Calcium Citrate – Vitamin D3 – Magnésium C – Vitamin C – Zinc 8

Instructions for use

  • 1 piece per day. (children from 3 to 6 years old)
  • 2 pieces per day. (children from 7 to 12 years old)
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5 reviews for Evyte Vitamin D3 – Nutrition & Vitamins


    Please the product should have a recent production date.


    Good products

  3. Noura

    Good product
    I love it

  4. Eman Seif

    بنتى بتحبه جدا وفرق فى صحتها و نشاطها اوى

  5. dr.sohanosier

    Great product

    • sara maher

      Thank you for your feedback!

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