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By Dr. Marwa Ehasan

MD Degree in faculty of medicine Fayoum University“Hey Dr!
"I always hear about antioxidants, but i don’t actually know what does it exactly means & what are the benefits of them to our skin and body?”
Our skin is exposed to oxidation as a result of many external factors including natural factors such as aging & psychological factors such as stress and many other factors such as not following a healthy diet and not practicing any kind of sports, all of these factors can cause a lot of breakdowns to our skin, hair and body.
She also added that the anti oxidants may exist in some skincare products to prevent the skin from aging signs and the appearance of fine lines or it may also exist in forms of vitamins to protect our bodies from diseases.For this case she recommended that using a vitamin c serum 15% twice a day and the delicious “biovita” multivitamin gummies also twice a day from the “Infinity Clinic Pharma” family , this combo together for 3-4 months can work miracles!
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